Types of Trees in Florida and How to Care For Them

Nearly 4,700 species of naturalized and native plants call the Sunshine State home.  The types of trees in Florida range from the towering, moss-strewn oak to the iconic, flowering frangipani.

But with so many varieties, the choice can become overwhelming. Furthermore, while some vegetation will take off with little prompting, other trees and shrubs need a little more coaxing and care to remain healthy. 

Florida’s lush, tropical climate means that some trees and bushes will flower in a rainbow array of colors while others will become breeding grounds for pests and insects. For these reasons, knowing the types of trees that work well here is crucial for landscaping success.

In the following article, we’ll profile some popular Florida tree types and some tree care tips. 

Popular Types of Trees in Florida

One of the most popular trees on the panhandle, and one of its largest, is the live oak. These large shade producers can have trunks more than 4 feet in diameter.  A live oak will last for generations if properly cared for and are a good food source through acorns for animals. 

Another large tree that is native to Florida is the yellow or slash pine. These conifers will grow to 75 to 100 feet in height and are a traditional source of native lumber. These trees are also the perfect habitat for the native turkey as the birds feed on the slash pine’s seeds. 

Speaking of turkeys, a smaller oak bearing the gobblers name is perfect for sandy areas. The turkey oak grows fast to about 40 feet in height and is a great food source for native animals. It is also a nice shade producer. 

Flowering Florida Trees and Shrubs

Tops among the many flowering trees and shrubs are the native Geiger tree. These trees have stunning orange flowers and top out at 30 feet in height.

Another beautiful flowering tree is the dwarf poinciana. Its scarlet and yellow blooms bring a blast of color to your landscaping, and its rich, thick leaves add a view obstructing benefit.  

The golden dewdrop, like the dwarf poinciana, is another flowering showstopper. This plant’s purple bouquets are perfect for adding color and variety to your property. This native plant loves the Florida climate and will grow unabated if left untrimmed. 

Tree Care Tips

Tree trimming, tree pruning, and proper pest control are essential for proper landscape maintenance in Florida. 

Even in a tropical climate like Florida’s, trees can suffer from a lack of water, especially in the spring. Make sure to water your new plants by soaking them weekly or every other week. You should water well-established trees when the soil is dry, or the plants begin to look wilted.

Another tip is to remember to fertilize your trees at least once a year with the proper nutrients for the species. A soil test is a good way to determine what your landscape may need to maximize tree health.

Lastly, tree pruning in Florida is a must. Look to clip your trees after the blooms have faded. Dead limbs should be taken off to prevent a further lack of foliage. 

Consult an Expert

It’s not always easy to determine the types of trees in Florida that will grow the best. It may take a lot of research and time to get the proper plants growing. For these reasons, you shouldn’t be shy in calling in an expert. 

With a professional consultation, you’ll learn what shrubs and trees best fit your property and how to maintain the ones you already have.

Do you need some professional assistance with your trees? Contact us today for all your tree needs. 


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