Types Of Trees And Where You Should Plant Them: Florida

Commercial properties that plant trees see an 11% increase in business. Not only that – for private property owners, even one tree in the yard increases their home sale price!

Trees improve your surroundings, boost property value, and purify your air. But not all Florida trees are created equal. Which trees you should plant depends on the weather and city regulations near you. 

Read more to see which trees are the best fit for your environment.

Which Florida Trees To Plant

Native trees a great choice when you’re deciding what to plant. Native plants mean they are from Florida and were not imported.

Not all imported plants are harmful to the environment. In fact, they may be beautiful additions to your property. But it’s always a good idea to check to make sure the trees you’re planting won’t overrun the other plants in your area.

There are two main advantages to choosing native trees. The first is that they’re already primed to survive in the climate. Native trees have immunity against local diseases, pests, and infections.

Another advantage is that they are adapted to the climate and weather conditions. Florida’s Northwest coastal summers are long and hot. You’ll want a tree that provides shade and cooling all summer long.

Consider The Southern Magnolia. This native tree can grow as high as 90 feet. You’ll also appreciate its fragrant white flowers.

Another great shade choice is the Bald Cypress. It is a slow-growing coniferous tree that keeps you protected from the sun all summer long. 

If you’re looking to plant in a shady area, the Southern Live Oak is a great choice. It grows quickly and thrives in the shade.

When choosing a spot to plant, you can consult this useful table from the University of Florida. You can find the best Florida trees for your soil, light, and watering conditions.

Tree Care 

Once you decide which trees to plant, you’ll also want to research local rules and regulations. Your city may have ordinances in place.

Some cities require a certain amount of native Florida trees to be planted on properties. Even tree removal may require a permit, like in Pensacola. 

After approval, you’ll also want to make sure everything is in order to bring in your trees. You may need to do some land clearing and excavation to prepare the ground. 

After you transport or plant the trees, you’ll also want to take care of your trees to keep them healthy. Some tree health care you can do yourself. But you’ll find some aspects can be harder to manage alone.

You can inspect the bark for signs of distress regularly. Also helpful is mulching properly, and protecting the roots. For tasks like tree trimming, you may want to work with experienced professionals.

Tree pruning and tree cutting should be done properly to protect your tree’s health. Stump grinding & removal are also tasks a professional team can handle for you. 

The Perfect Trees For Your Property

You can now be sure you’ll pick the best Florida trees for your area.

Planting and caring for the right trees will help boost your property’s value. It’ll also beautify your space. Your trees will thrive in your climate and you’ll follow your local city regulations.  

Want to make sure your trees are healthy and well cared for? Get in touch to see how you can benefit from working with an experienced Florida Tree Service!


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