Tree Care: How to Tell if You Have Dead Tree Branches

Fun fact: Each year, more people die from falling dead trees than from shark attacks.

In addition, tree accidents are a common cause of roof damage, resulting in frequent and costly repairs to property owners. Knowing how to detect dead tree branches can help you avoid tree disasters on your property.

Here’s a quick rundown of signs that a tree branch is dead:

No Leaves

Lack of leaves is an obvious giveaway that a tree branch is dying. If you notice bare branches on one side of a tree, it could mean that the tree is suffering from a particular tree disease.

Dead tree branches will also not shed their leaves as they should. Instead, the leaves may cling onto the tree branches in the winter.

Large Open Wounds

When a tree is wounded, the injured tissue isn’t repaired and never heals – as animal wounds do. Instead, they seal. The tree will cover the opening by forming specialized “callus” tissue around its edges.

Unlike small cuts and precise tree pruning, it’s difficult for a tree branch to seal wounds from splits or large uneven cuts. This increases the likelihood of the branch dying.

Presence of Large Fungus and Rot

Fungus is an initial indication that your tree could have a disease. If you notice fungus or rot on your tree branch, you need to respond quickly.

You can call a tree care professional to investigate the rot and fungus. Sadly, if the decay is widespread, saving the tree will be unlikely and you may have to cut it down.

Presence of Termites and Other Pests

Tree branches fall victim to many pests including termites, beetles, ants, and more. If you spot them early, you may be able to prevent them from destroying the tree branches.

Some of the early signs of a tree pest infestation include holes in the leaves, loose trunk bark, thinning leaves, and stalled branch growth. If the pests damage the branch’s stability, it will presumably be better to cut it down.

Sheds Sticks

Dead branches normally shed sticks most of the time. This is a guaranteed indication that the tree’s health is at risk, and may die if nothing is done about it.

A tree in excellent health will have branches and twigs that can bend without breaking. If you notice snapped branches or twigs on the ground around a tree, you should call a tree professional for an investigation.

Dead Tree Branches? Call the Tree Care Experts

If you observe any signs of a dying tree, don’t panic. Hiring a good tree care company can provide the service you need to treat your tree.

At Tri-State Tree Services, we have years of experience and can help you assess the trees on your property. Our trained arborists will do a thorough investigation to verify that the tree branch is certainly dead and lay out your options as well as provide credible suggestions.

If you have inquiries about your dead tree branches, contact us today for a free quote.


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