Does Topping a Tree Kill It in Mobile, AL?

You might worry that a tree has grown to such an astounding size that a storm could force one of it branches into your house. The damage that would cause would be extensive. You might wonder if topping a tree will control the risk you think it poses to your property and the people who live on or near it.

These are legitimate concerns that lead to the question, “Does topping a tree kill it?” People who want to control the growth of a tree typically don’t want to kill it. They want to ensure it maintains its natural form in a way that keeps everyone and everything — including the tree —  safe. However, the topping process increases the risk of death. A top-ranking tree service in Mobile, AL will provide other options.

Reasons Why Topping a Tree Ultimately Kills It

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Does topping a tree kill it?”, the following facts will help you understand why. Tree topping and other tree problems are a national epidemic. The more people that understand how topping hurts trees, the better.

Topping a Tree Cuts Off Its Food Supply

Tree topping results in the removal of the leaf-bearing crown that serves as the tree’s food supply, which leaves stubs in the wake of the devastation. This starves the tree, which causes the tree to push out shoots from buds found emerging below the cuts. Although the tree intends the eruption of these buds to serve as a survival mechanism, the energy this process requires can kill a starving tree if it doesn’t have enough energy stored.

Topping a Tree Makes It More of a Risk

When the tree loses its food supply and begins to rely on those latent buds, this causes the buds to grow in a weak formation on the parent branch. Not even time strengthens their integrity.

Therefore, the topping does nothing but make these new offshoots a safety risk. Their presence damages trees, providing them with nothing worthwhile.

Topping a Tree Fails to Decrease Its Size

The shoots that emerge after topping rely on water sprouts, resulting in rapid growth that doesn’t stop. The tree won’t stop growing until it reaches its original size, and this is particularly concerning because the tree has grown back weaker, possibly with an issue that qualifies as one of the causes of tree holes.

Let Our Professional Arborists Cultivate the Health of Your Trees in Mobile, AL

The facts presented here answer, “Does topping a tree kill it?” with a resounding yes.   

To assure the health of a tree for years to come, work with professional arborists who command current industry knowledge, a strong work ethic backed by fair pricing, and an appreciation of all the good these crowning glories of nature provide. In Mobile, that team is Tri-State Tree Service.

Contact us at 850-876-8003 to speak with a certified arborist and discover the best solution for your tree’s health and glory.


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