How to Protect Your Trees in the Summer

Taking proper care of your trees in the summer will help protect them from the hot and dry conditions, ensuring their continued growth.

To help you in your efforts, we will share a few tips on how you can protect your trees during summer, highlighting why you need complete tree service by Tri-State Tree Service in Fort Walton Beach.

Water the Trees Consistently

It is vital to water your trees consistently and correctly. Remember to focus on your trees’ root zone to maximize the amount of water the roots get with each watering. With trees responding better to deeper watering, you should water trees more thoroughly each time. Doing so will allow the water to seep into the ground, encouraging deeper root growth.

Try watering early in the morning to minimize evaporation and help your trees handle the heat better as the day progresses.

Apply Mulch

Mulch provides your trees with some much-needed help, enabling mature trees to retain moisture and protect their roots from the summer heat.

When applying mulch, avoid going overboard. One layer with a thickness of about 5 cm to 10 cm will do. Additionally, ensure to arrange the mulch in a doughnut shape, leaving space between it and the tree’s base.

Take Care of the Soil

The more compact the soil, the harder it will be for the tree to get the necessary water and nutrients. Consider aerating the ground to increase the flow of water and air to the trees’ roots.

Fertilize Properly

Fertilizing is vital for maintaining healthy trees because it adds nutrients to the soil, helping trees develop healthy shoot and leaf systems. The nutrients also go a long way in strengthening trees against pests and developing a fungal disease.

Ensure the Trunk’s and Roots’ Safety

The roots and trunk are the most essential parts of your entire tree. If your trees are young or lie near a well-trodden path, consider investing in a barrier to prevent people and animals from damaging the trunks and roots.

Look Out for Signs of Heat Stress

When caring for your trees in the summer, remember to check for signs of heat stress, such as:

  • Yellowing of the leaves
  • Drooping leaves
  • Wilting leaves

If you notice these signs, give your trees sufficient water to help them recover.

Avoid Pruning

Avoid pruning your trees until after late summer unless you are removing damaged or diseased branches. Should your trees need pruning, always consult a professional arborist to avoid placing them under undue strain and compromising their stability.

Get Reliable Help from Local Tree Experts

Maintaining your trees’ health in the summer can seem complicated. Fortunately, you can turn to the well-trained experts at Tri-State Tree Service. We offer various professional services that we guarantee will safeguard the safety and health of your trees year-round.

Call Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003 to learn how we can protect your trees in the summer. You can also speak to us to find out if you need to be worried about bark falling off the tree.


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