Should I Be Worried If Bark Is Falling Off a Tree?

You walk outside and notice that the bark is falling off a tree. Is this normal, or is the tree sick or dying? If it’s due to tree disease, is that disease contagious? The excellent Fort Walton Beach tree service experts from Tri-State Tree Service compiled this guide about why bark falls off the side of the tree and other things to look out for. 

What to Do If Bits of Bark Fall off the Tree?

Peeling tree bark is perfectly natural in many instances and more prevalent in species such as: 

  • Birch and Silver Ash: Both shed large pieces of thin bark as a natural part of their growth cycle. 
  • Ash, Maple, Oak, and Pine: These trees grow bark like humans grow skin. As the tree produces new bits of bark, the new layer pushes through, and the old bark falls off the side of the tree. 

Should I Worry if Bark Is Falling Off the Tree?

When bits of bark fall off the side of a tree, you need to establish whether it’s natural or due to a tree disease or insect infestation. Start by looking if there is a covering on the underlying wood. If there is, it’s natural for bits of bark to shed. 

If you see exposed wood, holes, or growths on the inner surface, you have cause for concern. It’s here where you should consider expert help. 

Where to Find Expert Help for Peeling Tree Bark

Call on Tri-State Tree Service for assistance in this area. Our expert arborists will assist in identifying the cause of the damage and evaluating whether or not you can save the tree. If not, we can help by removing the tree and grinding out the stump safely and efficiently. 

What Issues to Consider If Bark Is Falling Off a Tree

There are several reasons that bark falls off a tree. 


Diseased trees show signs of infection. These may include:

  • Blisters
  • Discoloration
  • Dead leaves
  • Withering leaves and branches
  • Unnatural growths

Treating these trees quickly is essential to prevent the disease from spreading. 

Insect or Vermin Damage

Droppings, scratches, boring holes, leaking sap, and nests can all result in vermin or insect infestation. Again, it’s essential to deal with this issue immediately to limit further damage or new colonies in other areas. 

Extremes of Temperature

Icy weather and hot weather are both terrible for the trees, and these conditions might cause thin bark to peel off the trees. Water it well and mulch it to prevent moisture loss and retain ground heat in winter. 

Were Your Trees Denuded Due to Bark Loss? 

Contact Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003, and we’ll send someone to take a look and give you a free estimate. Does the damage extend beyond the bark? Does it look as though some of the branches are in trouble? Learn how to tell if tree branches are dead and more when you reach out today.

When the bark is falling off a tree, find out your next step by calling Tri-State Tree Service today. 


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