City of Pensacola Tree/Landscape Regulations Every Property Owner Must Know

Reliable Tree Removal & Trimming in Pensacola, FL

Tri-State Tree Service knows that instances may arise where property owners may want or need a tree on their property trimmed or removed. The city of Pensacola has developed simple procedures to ensure proper tree removal and preservation of heritage trees in public areas.

City of Pensacola Tree/Landscape Regulations Every Property Owner Must Know


Tree removal, trimming, and pruning

According to Pensacola’s tree ordinance, no individual or agent is allowed to cut, remove, prune or damage any heritage tree in any zoning district (including private property) without first obtaining a permit from the parks and recreation department or approval of a landscape and tree protection plan.

If a heritage tree is approved for removal, tree replacement shall be provided according to the city of Pensacola’s regulations, or a fee shall be paid into the city’s tree-planting trust fund.

Protected trees may be approved for removal if they are:

  • Diseased or weakened
  • Not in compliance with other codes or ordinances
  • Safety hazard
  • Visibility hazard
  • Required for removal due to site conditions 


Land clearing

Land clearing in Pensacola is only permitted after relevant authorities have approved the submitted development plan and issued appropriate permits. However, a building official may authorize minimal clearing to facilitate site preparation work, such as surveying before the issuance of a permit.


Tree health care

The legal property owner, agent, or designated lessee of a property shall be required to maintain all landscaped areas to present an orderly, neat, and healthy appearance at all times. They’re also required to keep the area free of dirt and debris.

Be it tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, land clearing, or tree health care, Tri-State Tree Service has got you covered.


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