How To Protect Palm Trees From the Cold Weather of Panama City, FL

While Panama City, Florida rarely gets downright cold, it still helps to know how to protect palm trees from cold weather. Knowing what steps to take when a storm rolls in unexpectedly can help safeguard your tree from severe damage or premature death.  

As the go-to company for arborist services in Panama City, FL, our team at Tri-State Tree Service discusses the effects of cold weather on palm trees and how to protect them from sudden storms.

How Cold Weather Affects Palm Trees  

Palm trees can generally handle cold weather. However, sudden or extreme temperature changes might prove dangerous. Extremely chilly weather can cause major damage to plants, roots, and trunks.  

Freezing temperatures damage the heart of the palm tree and slow down tree growth and root development if not protected. Ultimately, the tree may die from severe damage.

Ways To Protect Your Trees in Winter  

Still wondering how to protect palm trees from cold weather? The following proactive tips can help to minimize damage during sudden temperature drops:  


Providing your palm tree with sufficient nutrients before the cold will help it tolerate the cold better. Make it a point to fertilize before and during the growing season and remember to stop early enough to prevent continued growth during winter.  

Proper Mulching  

Lay down a layer of heavy mulch to help protect the roots from extreme cold. Aim for a depth of three to four inches of mulch for added protection. The mulch will increase root insulation and boost water retention. 

Deep Watering   

Palm trees slow their water uptake once temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Work toward watering your palm tree deeply at the prospect of an impending freeze. Consider watering with lukewarm water to heat the soil and help increase absorption in frosty conditions.  

Wrap Palm Trees  

When the forecast predicts a temperature drop below freezing for 24 hours or longer, consider wrapping your tree. This may not happen often, but some extra caution will minimize regrets.

You can wrap the trunk and foliage of palms with frost cloth, burlap, synthetic blanket, or other suitable tree covers. Wrap the tree from the bottom up, covering it completely, and secure the wrap using a rope, strap, or duct tape.   

The most critical part to wrap is the tree’s heart or main bud (where the fronds grow out of the trunk.) You may need professional help when wrapping a taller tree.  

Plant Cold-Hardy Palms  

Some palms can handle the cold better than others. Seek advice from a certified arborist on cold-hardy or winter palm tree species that will thrive in your area.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Since 1983, Tri-State Tree Service has earned a reputation for top-tier service. Count on our ISA tree specialists to deliver premier tree care services, including:  

  • Tree trimming  
  • Stump grinding and root removal  
  • Tree removal 
  • Plant health care  

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