Emergency and Overnight Tree Services for Pensacola, FL

Did you know that Florida had 30 named storms within a six month period during 2020? Storm clean up just one of many reasons you might need an overnight tree service. Some tree removal emergencies aren’t as apparent.

It’s important to know when to call an emergency tree service to ensure the safety of your property. Are you in the Pensacola area and have questions about tree removal?

The following guide will explain several situations that require professional tree services. Read on to learn if you have problem trees on your property that must go and the available services.

Removing Trees That Are Leaning

Trees often lean naturally in a specific direction and it’s not a cause for concern. Although, if a tree starts to irregularly bend and lean out of nowhere it’s usually a sign that it’s dead or damaged.

Trees that lean over 15 percent from a vertical position typically require removal services. Consider having a professional examine new leans before the tree causes any damages.

Homeowners often try to make removals on their own by cutting down leaning trees but leave unsightly stumps behind. If you’re in this situation consider stump grinding and root removal services.

Healthcare Services

The root system of a tree is a great overall health indicator. Call an emergency tree removal service immediately if any root decay or damage is visible.

Root damage often represents that a tree has lost its structural support and might collapse and fall at any moment. Early removal keeps your property safe from damages and people safe from harm.

Luckily, tree healthcare services help prevent these damages. Preventing foot traffic around the tree and maintaining a watering schedule are two ways this is achieved.

Overnight Tree Service for Damaged Trees

Damaged trees might survive for many years and don’t always require removal. However, removal is necessary if there is damage to over half the tree to prevent dangerous situations.

Evaluate the damage carefully and only remove the trees if they pose a threat to your health or property. Call a professional for their opinion if you’re unsure of the severity.

Trimming Services for Dead Branches

Urgently remove any large dead branches visible in your trees. Thoroughly inspect the tree while removing branches to determine if any other actions are needed.

Dead branches are fairly normal and a natural part of a tree’s lifespan. But it might be a cause for concern if you notice any rapid changes in your tree including a substantial amount of dead branches.

Trimming and pruning services also keep your trees healthier. They even allow more sunlight in to help your lawn grow better and might improve overall property value up to 30 percent.

Removal of Trees With Trunk Sprouts

Sprouts on the trunk are a tree’s natural response to extreme stress. The tree may not require removal but calling a professional to examine the tree is highly recommended.

Removing Hollow Trees

Hollow tree trunks often lead to problems with overall support. A tree can live with a hollow trunk but they’re more likely to collapse. It’s best to remove these trees unless they’re in an area where they can’t cause harm.

Tree Services Pensacola

Now you know when an overnight tree service is necessary and what signs to look for. It’s best to be proactive and remove troublesome trees as soon as possible. Remember this guide and keep your property maintained. 

Please contact us if you need immediate tree services or have any additional questions. We’d love to help you out and keep your property safe!


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