Five Reasons To Consider Trees As Fence Border for Your Property

Living fences are a natural way of setting your home’s borders while providing extra privacy. Not only do they look great and give your property a natural flair, but they also come with numerous other benefits. Using trees as fence borers is one of the most common ways of achieving a living fence. 

When the time comes to even out your new natural fence, contact Pensacola’s tree-trimming experts for help. 

Five Benefits of a Natural Tree Fence Border

Living fences provide many benefits over standard man-made barriers. With a pure and natural look, you can’t emulate the feel of privacy trees any other way. Here are five reasons to use trees as a fence for your home.

1. Excellent Organic Windbreak

Using trees as fence borders is one of the best ways to reduce strong winds. With tall, fleshed-out trees, these living fences offer the best possible wind breakage. Its effectiveness depends on the type of tree you use, but thick evergreens that are many feet wide and tall can provide the best possible results.

Wind can be more than a simple annoyance. On particularly windy days, it can fling outdoor objects around and slam open doors. A natural wind barrier like a tree fence can help alleviate these problems. 

2. Cost Efficiency

Buying and installing a fence costs a lot of money, especially for a good one. A natural fence made from trees is significantly more affordable when you plant them early. Trees also require much less upkeep than a traditional fence. 

In the long run, a living fence can cost less and offers unique benefits compared to an expensive barrier. 

3. Environmentally Friendly and Long-Lasting

It’s no surprise, but a living fence is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than a manufactured fence, especially if it’s plastic. Most trees also last far longer than any kind of fence and can keep looking good with minor upkeep.

4. Colorful and Natural

While a fence may peel and fade, the look of a tree’s beautiful green leaves will only improve over time. There’s something to be said for bringing nature to the forefront, and using trees as a fence is much more interesting than a standard barrier.

Additionally, if you want a notably tall barrier, you can’t beat a tree for feet in height.

5. Lets Nature Flourish

If a regular fence does one thing well, it’s to keep everything out. Meanwhile, a living fence welcomes nature into your yard and sustains itself, no matter how many feet tall it is.

Since they absorb water through their roots, trees can also help with a lawn that’s too wet. With a natural tree barrier, you can have well-drained soil with less effort.

Get an Expert Opinion

Using trees as fence borders is a great way to bring more nature into your yard. Here at Tri-State Tree Service, we know trees, and whether it’s removing surface tree roots or planting a new tree fenceline, we’ve got you covered.

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