Small Flowering Trees That Won’t Outgrow Your Yard

Small flowering trees are an excellent solution if you want to plant trees in a garden with limited space.

They are shorter trees that thrive in small spaces. These trees also provide you with beautiful flowers that promise to be ideal focal points in your garden. Furthermore, you can enhance your yard’s appearance by turning to expert tree trimmers in Pensacola.

Here are a few popular small flowering trees.

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtles are small trees whose flowers come in several different colors. This option can bring your yard to life with white, pink, red, or lavender flowers that bloom throughout the early spring and summer months. The best part is that the tree’s brilliant color display shifts to its leaves during fall.

Most crape myrtles thrive in USDA zones six to nine, where they can soak up the sun in well-drained soil. Though not all are small, you can find varieties with a maximum height of six to 10 feet.

Chaste Tree

Is purple your favorite color? Then chaste trees promise to be an excellent addition.

Chaste trees cap out at around eight to 10 feet tall and are ideal for areas where drought is a concern. Though they can grow up to eight feet wide, you can manage this with regular pruning and trimming.

When healthy and thriving, your chaste tree will remain dark green all spring and summer. It will produce lavender, blue, or white blooms in early fall.

We should mention that certain areas consider chaste trees invasive species. So, be sure to check before planting.

Star Magnolia

Next up on our list of small flowering trees is the star magnolia. This option is highly versatile. It can adapt to climates and soils throughout the United States.

The star magnolia begins to bloom a few years after planting. It produces pink or fragrant white star-shaped flowers in early spring. These star-shaped flowers consist of 12 to 30 petals whose color changes in response to day and night temperatures.

Its leaves are usually bronze-green when they open. However, they mature to dark green before turning yellow at the end of the growing season.

Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree

Though this option is technically a flowering vine, you can grow it into a shrub or a smaller tree. It is an excellent choice if you have a tight space in your backyard that needs a pop of violet.

Furthermore, while the wisteria tree thrives in full sun, it can also do fine in partial shade. Just be sure it has at least six hours of sunlight exposure.

When thriving, the tree yields stunning lavender flowers that fade to blue as the season progresses.

Quality Tree Care

As wonderful as these small flowering trees are, providing them with regular quality care is essential.

Fortunately, Tri-State Tree Service offers comprehensive tree care services in Pensacola, FL, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (850) 876-8003 for your free estimate.

We will guide you through the entire tree planting process. Our expertise also helps you know more about the factors that can affect the cost of tree trimming.


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