How Professionals Remove Tree Roots Painlessly

When a home or business owner needs to remove tree roots, they face some unique challenges that may require professional attention. It is possible to remove tree roots without harming the tree and preserving your property.

The experienced tree service professionals in Milton from Tri-State Tree Service can help evaluate surfaced roots that may pose a threat to your property. Here’s a look at how the professionals remove tree roots while keeping the tree’s health in mind.

Methods for Removing Tree Roots Without Harming the Tree

By measuring the tree’s diameter, service professionals can estimate the size of the root system and judge where they need to begin root removal. Removing roots at the edges of the system can allow the tree to continue growing without its roots causing property damage.

There are physical and chemical methods used to remove tree roots. You should contact a professional arborist to explore your options to help keep children, pets, and other plants safe should you choose to use chemicals to remove tree roots.

How Professional Tree Removal Companies Prepare Roots

Before removing a tree, professionals will clear the area around the tree and assess how to avoid damaging any structures near the tree. 

When they are ready to bring the tree down, they will cut notches at 70° to 90° on the side toward which they want the tree to fall. Once the tree is down, the process of removing the roots begins. Larger roots can present unique challenges for tree stump removal.

Root Removal without Removing a Tree

Removing tree roots does not have to be complicated, though it often requires professional service. In some cases, you want to keep the tree in your yard, and you may wish to remove surfaced roots. Tree companies may dig out the soil to remove portions of the root system in these situations.

As trees mature, their root systems grow along with their canopy. Large root systems can damage concrete structures, foundations, and sidewalks, creating safety hazards. There are several reasons to remove roots while keeping the tree.

Cutting away root systems while identifying the roots that need to remain for the health of a tree can be tricky and is best left to a professional tree service company. By only cutting roots further away from the trunk, you can help protect the most important roots. After removing roots, you should avoid pruning the tree and allow it some time to recover and grow.

Learn more about the different tree types in the state of Florida and how you can easily remove their roots without causing damage to other plants or the tree itself. Depending on the species, the root system may need trimming or require homeowners to install a root barrier.

Our dedicated team can help remove tree roots and protect your property from invasive plants. From tree root removal to stump grinding and pruning and trimming, our technicians can help keep your home and property safe. Call Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003 or schedule a free consultation online.


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