Tri-State Tree Service shares fall tree care tips

Trees need all the care for the upcoming cold seasons, early fall is the best time to prepare them for winter so they remain healthy and green.

Fall Tree Care Tips For Healthy Tree Growth 

Experts at Tri-State Tree Service share five fall tree care tips to keep your trees healthy this fall. 

Plant at the Right Time

When it’s fall, trees drop their leaves,  the ideal season to plant new trees. This time of year is much cooler, and there is little chance that the sun will burn the tree. 

The tree is preparing to become dormant but will still have time to increase its root mass before winter. Be sure to speak with a Certified Arborist if you have any questions. 


Make sure to water your trees frequently throughout the fall to help prepare them and keep them hydrated for winter. 


Fertilizing in the fall provides nutrients to the tree throughout the winter, which it can feed on and become healthier in the spring. 

When fertilizing, it is important to use fertilizers that slowly release their nutrients to the soil instead of the ones that give out their nutrients all at once. 


It is preferable to prune your trees in the fall after the leaves have fallen because the risks of damage are minimal. This period, trees stop growing and exert all their energy into strengthening their roots for winter.

Pruning weak branches will strengthen the tree and prevent branches from breaking because of the extra weight and it is easier to which branches require pruning.

Cabling and Bracing

Trees endure a great deal, from scorching summers to bitter cold, heavy snow to heavy rain, and the ever-present high winds so, most large or old trees can’t survive the winter. During fall, they may require cabling and bracing.

Cabling and bracing are to help keep the weakened or heavy parts of trees from splitting apart. The added weight of snow in the winter will put your tree to the test, and now is the time to ensure it is structurally sound.

About Tri-State Tree Service

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They have professional arborists who are experts in fall tree care and can handle any tree issues. 

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