Tri-State Tree Service provides quality, expert emergency tree care in Milton

No one likes dealing with true emergencies, but they are quite common. Even with all the maintenance and health care, your tree can still fall or be broken by a storm and cause damage to your property. 

So when a tree falls or shows signs of falling, you want it taken care of quickly, especially if it’s hindering your regular activities or if it poses a risk to any part of your property.

Tri-State Tree Service, the leading local Milton FL Tree Service Company, highlights four major tree emergencies you may need in various situations.

1. Storm Emergency tree removal

Storm damage is a major cause of tree emergencies in Florida. Strong winds and rain can cause even the healthiest and best-maintained trees to succumb. Long periods of wet soil can cause roots to pull up, causing a tree to tilt or fall. A strong wind or a lightning strike can also split a tree or crack its branches.

2. Dead or Dying Tree Removal

You may not notice that a tree is getting weak or sick if you haven’t had an arborist check it in a while. When you see that the majority of a tree has perished or is hollow, you must have it removed quickly before it falls down or drops branches. The Tri-State tree removal service is specially designed to help in such situations.

3. Debris removal

Although trimming and pruning isn’t always considered emergencies, there are occasions when you’ll need to prune your trees promptly to avoid damage. For example, if a broken branch is trapped midway, you’ll need to get rid of it so it doesn’t end up destroying your property. 

4. Save Your Tree

You may need tree health care services if a storm destroys a part of your tree. It may amaze you how much a storm-damaged tree can recover with proper care, even if half of the tree’s canopy is destroyed. This means that you’ll need to hire a professional arborist to look at the tree and help you figure out how to save it.

Get Emergency Tree Services in Milton, Florida

When it comes to emergency tree services in Milton, FL, Tri-State Tree Service is your best choice. They are a multi-award-winning tree care company with a team of licensed arborists ready to provide 24/7 tree emergency services. 

They are fully equipped with the latest tree technology and have numerous office locations around the Gulf Coast, which gives them the flexibility and freedom to handle various tree services across the region.

Do you have a tree emergency?

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