Depending on the kind of project you want to embark on, you may need to remove trees, bushes, and other vegetation to make way for your new construction projects. You need a professional service that has all the right equipment needed for the effective clearing of your land. 

Tri-State Tree Service, a leading Tallahassee, FL tree service is offering expert land clearing services to homeowners and businesses in the area. They have the right equipment like excavators and chainsaws needed to effectively clear your land and get it ready for your next development project. 

4 Land Clearing Equipment Utilized by Tri-State Tree Service

Here are four pieces of equipment that Tri-State Tree Service use for land clearing:

1. Excavators

Excavators are common machinery used for versatile heavy duty tasks like land clearing. They are equipped with hydraulic attachments such as grapples, thumbs, and mulchers which makes them   remove trees, stumps, and debris effectively. If you have a large area to clear, the experts at Tri-State Tree Service will use this machinery to get the job done faster. 

2. Chainsaws

If the vegetation on your property is tough or you have both large and small trees to remove from your property, the experts at Tri-State Tree Service will use their chainsaws to get the job done faster and easier. 

Chainsaws are small machines that can be powered by gasoline, electricity or batteries. They can be used for pruning or removing trees. 

3. Brush Cutters

The brush cutter is a small yet mighty machine. It is designed to clear dense vegetation that your land mowers can not get to. You can use it to get rid of thick bushes and small trees. It has a spinning blade that cuts through tough vegetation easily. 

4. Stump Grinders

The stump grinder is needed to completely get rid of a tree. After removing the tree from your property, the experts at Tri-State Tree Service will utilize the rotating blade of their stump grinders to grind your tree stumps to below ground level which makes it easy to be uprooted. 

Tri-State Tree Service Has All the Right Equipment for Your Next Development Project

Tri-State Tree Service has been offering expert tree care services to the residents and businesses in Tallahassee, FL. 

They have a team of highly trained professionals who will ensure that you are optimally satisfied with their services. 

Visit their official website or call 850-876-8003 to get a free estimate. 

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