Tree Service Professionals in Panama City Beach, FL, Share Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall tree care is critical to your trees’ health. It determines if they’ll survive winter and how healthy they’ll be in spring. This is why you should take tree care seriously and pay more attention to your trees during this period. 

Tri-State Tree Service, a leading tree care service in Panama City, FL,  shares essential fall tree care tips to help protect your trees and keep them healthy.

4 Essential Fall Tree Care Tips 

Four important activities you should include in your fall tree care checklist to protect your trees during winter include the following;

1. Inspect Your Tree

Fall is the best time to inspect your trees for infections and diseases. Since most of their leaves have fallen and they are now bare, you can easily inspect each tree and observe their branches for signs of disease or infections. If you notice anything unusual, it is best to call an arborist for professional opinion and treatment.

2. Prune

Fall pruning has many benefits for you and your trees. It prevents diseases from spreading, the wounds heal faster, and the tree grows better in the next growing seasons. Pruning your tree before winter also helps to reduce accidents by preventing weak branches from falling during heavy rains and storms. 

3. Water

That your trees survived the summer draught is not enough reason to stop watering them. In fact, you should continue watering them until early winter, when it starts to snow and the ground is hard. Watering your trees adequately during fall helps to strengthen their roots and keep them hydrated during the dry winter days. It also helps them store as much moisture as possible and prepare them for the cold winter weather.

4. Mulch

Fall is the best time to apply mulch to your tree. Fall mulching helps protect trees during winter by ensuring their roots are not over-exposed to the harsh weather. It also increases water retention and locks moisture in, which helps to prevent dehydration. 

Professional Tree service in Panama City, FL

Tri-State Tree Service is an award-winning tree care company in Panama City, FL, committed to helping residential and commercial tree owners care for their trees and maintain their gardens.

They offer  top-quality tree services in Panama City, FL,  and surrounding areas, such as tree trimming and pruning, land clearing, stump grinding, excavation, and commercial tree services. 

For more inquiries about their services, contact Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003 or visit their website.

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