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Tree removal involves the removal of dead, diseased or unwanted trees and can be done in situations where trees constitute a potential hazard to lives and properties. The process of tree removal requires expertise, lots of experience and heavy-duty machinery. Trying the DIY route of tree removal is not only labour and time-consuming but can be quite dangerous and lead to serious unprecedented injuries. 

Tree removal is best carried out by tree care experts like Tri-State Tree Service who have a team of professionals with more than enough experience, expertise and technical know-how of the high-grade machinery needed to safely carry them out.  

What Are Some Safety Tips For Safe Tree Removals?

Site Inspection and Safety

A lot of analysis and detailed calculations are involved in the tree removal process as they are projectiles that could cause harm if improperly handled. The tree and its immediate environment should be thoroughly inspected for any hazardous parts like dried trees and branches which may fall suddenly before or during the felling process causing damage to lives and surrounding properties. 

Barricades can also be set up while the removal is in process so that people who aren’t on the team of experts do not come near the site. Experts at Tri-State Tree Service offer excellent tree inspection and evaluation services before proceeding to remove unwanted trees.

Use of Proper Equipment

During the tree removal process, lots of debris that may be extremely dangerous fly around and so protective gear must be worn to ensure that there’s a reduced risk of injury to anyone in the vicinity. Proper clothing should be worn to protect the body including the use of eye goggles to protect the eyes from debris and dust. Boots are also necessary to provide a firm grip when climbing the tree. 

Look Out For The Power Lines

In cases where the site is close to a power line, on inspection, the lines may be noticed to have tangled in the trees. This is potentially dangerous and the power station should be contacted to cut off the power supply or the wires should be grounded before the tree removal process begins.

Where To Find The Best Tree Removal Service In Valparaiso, FL

If you’re looking for an exceptional Valparaiso Tree Service to handle your tree removals safely and efficiently, Tri-state Tree Service is your go-to option.

They have a team of ISA-certified, licensed and insured arborists with over 30 years of experience in providing quality services and exceeding customer expectations.

To speak to a tree care expert at Tri-State Tree Service or get a FREE estimate, call 850-876-8003.


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