Top Tree Service for Pensacola, FL Property Owners

Top Tree Service for Pensacola, FL Property Owners

Tree Care Myths that Deserve to be Cut Down

Tree removal services in Pensacola, FL and its surrounding areas get many calls from people who are curious about planting more trees on their property or getting rid of the pests that inhabit their current greenery. Unfortunately, taking care of trees can be taxing work without guidance from a tree care company or an experienced forester.

  1. Planting Trees is Easy

The residential and commercial tree care experts from Tri-State Tree Service are glad to dispel myths about stump grinding, debris removal, and tree trimming that plague many people from the Pensacola area. As a fully licensed and insured tree care service, they provide quality work and advice that earns them awards from Angie’s List, five-star customer reviews, and an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

With hundreds of tree planting activities from NGOs, churches, and companies keen to invest in ESG initiatives in Florida, people are beginning to think that taking care of trees is easy. However, nursing a tree from a seedling to hardwood can feel impossible, especially for first-timers who don’t have the necessary tools.

Tree planting starts by choosing a species that won’t be invasive to the local woodlands. The most prevalent tree in Pensacola is the Southern Live Oak, known for its long, thick, and twisting branches and its ability to stay alive through harsh winters.

The Southern Live Oak is hardy, but it can be hard to live with, especially on residential lots. They need a lot of trimming, pruning, and natural pesticides to keep treehoppers and beetles away. 

Many large trees are endemic to Florida, such as the Bald Cypress, Black Olive, and Maple. Homeowners who have many trees on their property fear that their thick branches might fall off and damage their home as Florida is in the path of destructive storms during hurricane season. The average weight of the Bald Cypress is 32 pounds per cubic foot, and it’s prevalent from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze.

Trees don’t recover from physical damage, so if a large tree Oak suffers a lightning strike or a termite infestation, one of its branches might fall on a structure and severely damage it.

  1. Tree Stumps are Harmless

For many DIYers, a tree removed is a weight off their shoulders. Anyone can chop down a tree using an ax or a chainsaw, even if it’s inconvenient and difficult. However, having a tree stump ground requires professional equipment that might not be cost-effective for many Floridians.

Tree stumps have roots that can detect leaking sewage pipes beneath your home and can cause blockages that will render your sewage system useless. Removing a tree stump can require toxic chemicals, flammable materials, and multiple types of bow saws.

About Tri-State Tree Service

Tri-State Tree Service is proud to be one of the few award-winning tree care providers in Pensacola, FL. Their foresters have licenses and insurance policies that release customers from liability. They have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and their services include:

  • Excavation
  • Land clearing
  • Storm cleanup
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • And many more

Get the top tree service in Pensacola, FL to keep your Southern Live Oak or any tree alive and healthy. Call their customer service hotline today at 850-876-8003. They’re available 24/7 for emergency services.




Tri-State Tree Service is an award-winning business supplying premier tree removal, tree trimming, and other tree care services to Florida’s northwest & Alabama's southeast coastal regions.

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