Professional Dangerous Tree Removal Service Available in Crestview, FL

When it comes to dangerous tree removal, it is never a good decision to do it yourself. From developing eye injuries as a result of sawdust getting into your eyes to coming in contact with poisonous plants. 

All of these can be avoided by calling an experienced expert to do the job. Crestview, FL, tree service shares some of the dangers attached to dangerous tree removal. 

Risks Associated with DIY Dangerous Tree Removal


One of the major risks attached to dangerous tree removal is electrocution. An amateur will likely suffer this unfortunate accident because they have no training on how to detect hidden power lines. Where the cables are visible, they do not know the techniques required to deal with the situation.

An expert will inspect the trees for powerlines growing through the trees or near them and apply safety procedures. 

Falling Branches

Removing a tree yourself could lead to fatal injuries. Tree removal is not a one-man job. When cutting a large tree, the areas below it should be clear of humans and property to avoid striking an object or killing your family or neighbors. 

Professional arborists know how best to remove a tree and what equipment is needed to prevent the cut branches and trunks from falling in the wrong direction.

Slipping or Falling

A dangerous tree most likely has weak limbs. These limbs cannot withstand any pressure and are likely to break when a person stands on them. Standing on a weak limb to cut another branch could have you and the limb fall off the tree. If you are lucky, you might sustain a bad injury depending on the height you fall from. Some people don’t make it. 

This is why you should avoid a do-it-yourself approach when dealing with a dangerous tree. 

Injury from Equipment

Using sharp and power cutting tools during tree removal could lead to a major cut or amputation. Cuts usually result from improper use of tools like chainsaws or hacksaws. It is advisable to call an experienced tree removal expert to deal with your tree needs.

Where to Find the Best Dangerous Tree Removal Company in Crestview, FL

Tri-State Tree Services have served the commercial and domestic tree needs of residents of Crestview for 30 years. 

When it comes to rejuvenating your landscape, their certified team of arborists have the perfect equipment in place. You can count on them to give your property a whole new look. Your satisfaction and safety are their priority.

Need dangerous trees removed from the property? Contact Tri-State Tree Services at 850-876-8003 or visit their website


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