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Plant Health Care is a comprehensive approach to caring for the trees, shrubs and plants on your property. It involves applications of advanced agricultural biological products and specialized technology solutions to improve tree and shrub health, growth and overall performance.

An effective PHC program combines many different strategies, including cultural, biological and pest or disease control mechanisms.

The cultural approaches are the basis to a beautiful, healthy and sustainable landscape. It involves thoughtful selection and placement of new plants, correct planting techniques, mulching, oil improvement, pruning and watering to promote health and prevent failure.

Types of Plant Health Care Services

Pest and Disease Control

No matter how prepared you’re, pests and diseases are an emergency that you’ll need to manage once in a while. A PHC specialist can use a broad range of natural, organic and synthetics products to control spread of diseases and pests in your landscape.

Because of the considerable impact this process can have on the environment, experts recommend using “biorational” products or products with minimal environmental impact.

Fertilizer Ingestion

In a situation where a tree or shrub is having nutrient deficiency, fertilizer can provide nutrients that they need to grow properly. Fertilizer ingestion is offered to improve plant growth. Ingesting your plant with organic fertilizer helps to sustain your tree and shrubs year round. Many fertilizer ingestion involves use of a hydraulic system alongside a high pressure pump and soil ingestion devices to deliver the fertilizer in the right volumes.

Fungal treatments

Fungus disease is one of the most common tree diseases. Although not every tree fungus is fatal, many fungal diseases are capable of wreaking havoc on your trees and shrubs. While there are many telling signs of fungal attacks, homeowners may not notice on time. This is why it’s important to normalize regular inspection on your trees and shrubs.  

If you have any concern about your plants health, don’t hesitate to speak with a professional plant health care specialist in your area.

Tri-State Tree Service is a premier Crestview, FL tree service with over 30 years of quality tree health care service delivery. Tri-State Tree Service is happy to provide trusted and reliable plant health care services focused on promoting your tree’s health and beauty.

Some of the services they offer include property inspection and consultation, fertilizer ingestion, disease and pest control, growth regulator application, water applications during droughts, soil care treatment and soil testing and disease identification.

If you need expert assistance with tree health care services, get in touch with the team of experts at Tri-State Tree Service today. For more information, visit their website or call 850-876-8003.


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