Land Clearing and Tree Service Experts Have the Right Equipment for Your Needs

There’s no shortcut when using crude methods to clear land. It is unarguably one of the most strenuous tasks. 

Land clearing, excavation, and tree services have equipment manufactured simply for these purposes. So if a machine can do it faster and easier, why resolve to crude means?

Professional Land Clearing, Excavation, and Tree Services

Whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, land clearing and excavation are done for several valid reasons. Some of these reasons include preparing the land for construction, preventing fire outbreaks and diseases, promoting healthy growths of other trees by removing infected ones, and improving soil health. 

All of the above-mentioned reasons involve removing trees and shrubs, grinding stumps, and moving rocks which are not only time-consuming but also strenuous. 

Thankfully, equipment like wheel loaders, excavators, tractors, bulldozers, stump grinders, and tree removal tools are manufactured for this purpose. A job that would have otherwise taken months to get done by an individual or two using crude means can be done in a day or two. 

Tri-state Tree Service has all of this equipment and is available to clear your lot and prepare it for whatever projects you may have. 

Along with lot clearing, Tri-State Tree Service is a full-service tree company. For your tree trimming and pruning to tree health care, tree removal, stump grinding and storm cleanup, Tri-State Tree Service has all the right equipment. 

From the safety gear and small tools like hand pruners, loppers and secateurs to big electronic machines like chainsaws, feller bunchers, stump grinders and harvesters, Tri-State Tree Service has them all and more.

Why consider a professional? 

It is faster and more cost-effective. Additionally, your safety is guaranteed. Land clearing and tree removal equipment in the hands of an untrained person are dangerous to people and property around. 

What’s more? Hiring a professional with the right equipment saves you from delaying your project. They have prior experience and are therefore aware of the different materials that they are likely to come across. Unlike you, they will come prepared. 

Call Experts with the Right Land Clearing and Tree Service Tools Today!

Tri-State Tree Service is a locally-owned family business that has serviced the tree needs of businesses and residents in the Florida Northwest Coastal Regions for 30 years. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, they are licensed and insured to carry out big projects like land clearing and excavation and other tree services. 

Tri-State Tree Service experts are dedicated to helping you achieve the best value for your property at competitive pricing, adopting the safest methods. 

Contact Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003.


Tri-State Tree Service is an award-winning business supplying premier tree removal, tree trimming, and other tree care services to Florida’s northwest & Alabama's southeast coastal regions.

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