Arborists Share Hurricane Preparedness Tips For Residents of Destin, FL

With hurricane season on the horizon, homeowners are busy putting necessary preparation in place to protect their property against this extreme weather condition. During a hurricane, it is very common for trees to be damaged due to high, intense furious winds.

A hurricane’s cyclonic winds combined with heavy downpours can pose a threat to your tree, especially one with weak branches, overgrown limbs, and a damaged roof system.

If you are wondering how you can protect your tree from damage during a hurricane, you are in luck. Tri-State Tree Service, a leading tree service provider in Destin, FL is excited to share some useful tips with homeowners throughout the area on how to prepare their trees for hurricanes.

How To Keep Your Tree Safe In Hurricane Season

Protect Your Trees’ Root Systems

A tree’s root isn’t just a medium for transporting minerals and nutrients from the soil to the other parts of the tree, it is critical to the overall strength and stability of the tree. If your tree’s root is weak, it won’t be able to withstand the assault posed by the hurricane’s wind. That said, it is important to protect your tree’s roots. This can be done by laying mulch around the tree roots.

Prune trees regularly

Tree pruning is one of the essential tree care practices to keep your tree safe and healthy during the hurricane season. Removing dead, weak, or damaged branches means your tree will be in good condition to withstand the raging wind of hurricanes. In addition, pruning can also stimulate the healthy growth of your tree.

Protect your tree trunks

Tree trunks are just as vulnerable to damage as the rest of your trees and play an equally crucial role in maintaining the stability of your tree during a hurricane. You can provide added protection to your tree trunk by wrapping them with protective materials like burlap or row cover. These materials protect your trees against flying objects during the storm that may damage the trunk.

Expert Tree Support Services in Destin, FL

Trees are vulnerable to weather damage during the hurricane season. But you can take some proactive measures to minimize the risk. If you need a professional tree support service from a certified arborist in Destin, FL, look no further than Tri-State Tree Service. With over 30 years of experience, the team has the necessary skills, expertise, and equipment to protect your trees.

For excellent tree support service, call 850-876-8003 or visit their website: for more information.


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