Dead Tree Removal: Is It Important to Do It Immediately?

Trees play an essential role in our planet’s survival by modifying our climatic conditions while preserving plant and animal life. We cannot overlook the contribution of trees. However, dead or dying trees in our yards or on business property can be the source of several problems. Therefore, removing dead trees immediately is essential.

If you suspect you have a dead tree, call us at Milton’s top-rated tree service company, Tri-State Tree Service, and have us examine and remove it. Read on to explore why dead tree removal is an urgent and important action.

The Importance of Dead Tree Removal

Dead Trees Could Easily and Unexpectedly Fall

The root systems of dead trees cannot support their weight. During a windy storm, a slight shake is all it takes for a dead tree to fall.

When they fall, dead trees can easily harm you, your neighbors, and your property. Apart from incurring expensive medical bills and property repairs, you also face a lawsuit if a dead tree in your yard harms someone as it falls.

Dead Trees Compromise the Beauty of the Landscape

Another reason to remove them is that dead trees are not aesthetically appealing. So, if you enjoy beautiful landscapes, consider clearing dead branches and leaves off your lawn and removing the dead trees.

Dead Trees Could Attract Pests

Wood-boring insects like termites are almost the first inhabitants of every dead tree. While nesting and feeding within, they continue to weaken the dead tree, compromising it further.

Animals like rats also inhabit dead trees. The danger is that they might eventually invade your home, eat your food, destroy your property and possibly infect you with diseases. If this is not a strong enough reason to remove your dead tree, what is?

Dead Trees Can Transmit Diseases

When a tree dies of disease, it can infect the surrounding trees and destroy the entire landscape. As most tree diseases are contagious, containment becomes difficult once they spread. Therefore, diseased tree removal calls for extreme caution to avoid contamination, which would further spread the disease.

Note that the growth of mildew and mold development could present signs of a deeper issue, so you should be vigilant. Call in an arborist if you are afraid for the health of the remaining trees.

Insurance Coverage Issues

Some home insurance policies can cover the cost of tree removals. However, most will not cover the damage caused if a dead tree falls on your property.

From their side, they believe that you are responsible for cutting down your dead trees, and not doing this amounts to negligence. Most insurance coverages will not pay for damages from fallen dead trees you neglect to remove.

The Best Dead Tree Removal Services in Florida

You may be considering DIY dead tree removal to save on the costs of hiring a tree removal company. However, this may come with its challenges, such as incomplete root system removal, scene contamination, and property damage.

At Tri-State Tree Service, we are an award-winning customer-oriented tree business ready to provide your trees with expert maintenance and care. Contact Pensacola, Florida’s Tri-State Tree Service at 850-876-8003 for premier tree removal services to avoid the consequences of improper tree removal. 


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