Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Be Saved?

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? At Tri-State Tree Service, this is a common question from our local clients after a storm or high winds. The short answer is, “Maybe,” but only if you receive prompt help from an expert in tree health care in Pensacola, FL.

The long answer is that this process can be complicated. A tree may suffer transplant shock, lose too many broken branches, or die suddenly. However, our tree experts have also seen many cases where trees survive severe damage and fully recover!

Below, the Tri-State Tree Service team covers a few factors that may influence the outcome for a partially uprooted tree, including the extent and cause of the damage.

Large Trees

A larger tree might be difficult to save. Uprooting established root structures in big trees requires excessive force, like the type you get from heavy equipment or strong winds. Several roots must break for a tree to topple from an upright position, which typically means damage to more than a quarter of the root system.

If the tree cannot anchor itself when you right it, it will fall back down. If it cannot stay upright by itself, it might not be able to draw enough nutrients and water either. The damage to branches when crashing to the ground also leaves several open wounds that attract pests and leave the tree vulnerable to infection.

Small Trees

Small trees also suffer damage, although their root systems are less extensive. It takes less force to uproot them, and they do not suffer the same impact from hitting the ground. With the right care administered quickly, a smaller tree would be more likely to make a complete recovery.

Replanting Processes

So, can a partially uprooted tree be saved when replanted quickly? The trickiest part of the process is righting a tree. Immediate intervention is a good idea, but there are some delicate processes that could determine whether the tree survives.

The following tips should help:

  • Avoid further damage to branches and roots while repositioning the tree (do not twist or turn it).
  • Work slowly, adding soil around the roots as you go. 
  • Pat down the soil as you would with a new tree.
  • Deeply water the area around the base. 

Our Florida tree experts also recommend that you stake the tree on two sides for additional support.

Care and Recovery

Replanting the tree is only the first step. Next, you will need to prune dead or broken branches and water the tree regularly. However, do not feed it again until the tree shows new growth in the following season.

Contact the Tree Experts to Save Your Tree

At Tri-State Tree Service, we have the expertise and equipment to reroot your tree and give you the best aftercare advice for it. We also provide follow-up consultations to check our patient’s progress and see if we need to perform further tasks, like removing surface tree roots.

Can a partially uprooted tree be saved? Find out from Tri-State Tree Service at (850) 876 8003 today!


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