5 Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

Did you know that trees can live 30-40 years, with some species of trees living 4,000-5,000 years?

Additionally, do you know how old the trees in your yard are? If not, you may be in for a rude awakening the next time a storm comes your way. One powerful storm can greatly compromise the integrity of your trees, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time.

In fact, trees can greatly damage property, wreaking havoc on fences, cars, and roofs, to name a few. 

Recognizing the need for emergency tree service is not always this obvious.  This is why we’ve put together this guide — to help you know when it’s time to call in a professional for emergency tree services

Keep reading to learn more. 

1.  Abnormal or New Leaning

After a storm, you may notice a tree that is leaning more than it had in the past.  Most trees have a slight lean to them, but if your tree has more than a 15 percent lean, it’s time to call in a professional for storm clean up.  This is especially true if the tree is near a structure or walkway.

2. Hollow or Damaged Trunk

The inside of a tree rots much faster than the outside, causing the trunk to hollow out.  A hollow trunk compromises the structure of the tree and can mean it’s in danger of falling.  When you notice a large cavity in a tree, it’s best to get it assessed by professionals.

Damage to a tree trunk — peeling bark or deep cracks, for example — shows that a tree is no longer healthy or sound.  Having a professional come out will tell you if a tree needs removal because of this damage.

3. Tree Disease

If you see any of these signs of tree disease, it’s possible your tree needs removal.

  • Your tree’s leaves are distorted, thin, or stunted
  • There are branches with no leaves
  • There is an insect infestation

A diseased tree is not only at risk of falling if untreated, but it can also spread to surrounding trees.

Diagnosing tree disease is not always clear and may not be obvious.  It’s a good idea to contact a professional to check on a suspected diseased tree.

4. Dead and Falling Branches

Trees that have dead branches, especially large branches, should be taken care of immediately.  If branches are falling easily or frequently from a tree, this can be a sign of poor health or damage.

Trees that have been through a severe storm, such as a hurricane, can lose many branches.  It is important to clear debris after a storm and have your trees inspected for damage.

5. Tree Branches Close to Power Lines

Tree branches should always remain at least 10 feet from a power line.  Trimming trees near power lines should be left to professionals, as it can be dangerous.

If your tree is dying or dead and near a power line, it should be removed immediately.  Fallen trees on power lines can cause power outages and even wildfires.

Who to Call for Emergency Tree Service

Knowing when you need emergency tree service is key to protecting yourself and your property.  These 5 signs should help you determine when you need to have a tree removed by a professional.

Tri State Tree Service provides the Pensacola, Florida area with the best tree removal service and storm cleanup.  Our experienced team is available 24/7 and will safely remove damaged trees and storm debris; we even offer overnight tree service!

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