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Tree Service


Tri-State Tree Service offers a wide variety of award-winning, expert landscaping services to our Florida customers.




Tree Trimming


Trees are a beautiful natural element, but their overgrowth can become unattractive and unsafe. Our Tri-State team has over 30 years of experience trimming trees. With care and tremendous attention to detail, we will safely and efficiently remove excess branches and limbs from trees on your domestic or commercial property. We will ensure overhanging branches near your structures are fully and securely removed, while working to keep your trees lush and healthy.

Tree Beautification


The removal of unsightly branches and limbs does not only serve an aesthetic purpose. Pruning and trimming your trees can ensure better air flow and movement of light through your trees’ branches, allowing your tree to “breathe.” The improved structure of tree beautification promotes better tree health and a more attractive appearance.

Dead Tree Removal & Limb Clearing


While dead trees can negatively affect the appearance of your landscaping, they also pose the risk of sudden breakage, possibly damaging your home or injuring someone. Dead tree removal is a highly precise project which requires the expertise of trained professionals. Using the finest equipment and focusing heavily on safety, our Tri-State Tree Service team will remove your dead tree easily and effectively. Eradicating the dead trees from your commercial or domestic property will truly revitalize your landscape.

Stump Grinding & Root Removal


Using advanced equipment and machinery, our licensed arborist and crews will ensure full clearing of the remains of any removed tree. Stump grinding and root removal allows for the obliteration of the stump and roots of a tree, preventing any future regrowth and helping to smooth and shape your landscape, readying it for future planting, building, or simply to leave the land clear and open.

Professional Landscaping


Tri-State Tree Service presents a variety of landscaping opportunities for our valued customers. Whether you’re looking for sod installation, garden design and construction, or irrigation work, we’ve got the experience and specialized knowledge you can trust. Always dependable, swift, and customer-focused, we’ll help your landscape look its most perfect and polished.

Land Clearing


Preparing land for a future building site? Your pre-construction services may include thorough land clearing. At Tri-State, we are experts in tree removal and in effective, total land clearing. We’ll completely remove any trees, bushes, or other vegetative impediments, clearing away all excess debris, and aiding in land preparation for your future project site.

Storm Clean Up & Debris Removal


After any major storm in the Gulf Coast region, you’ll find us there assisting with our accomplished storm clean up and debris removal services. Storms can wreak major havoc, particularly when it comes to trees and bushes. Rain and high winds regularly take down branches and limbs and lightning strikes or hurricane force winds often sever whole trees. Following a storm, it’s important to clear debris from roadways, roofs, and especially from power lines. Working with a total focus on safety, our team will help securely clear areas affected by damaging weather.



A large variety of projects require the services of highly trained excavators. The Tri-State team is prepared and available to complete the excavation process, offering our unparalleled, award-winning service. You can feel confident that we’ll prepare your land plot for the next stage of your project, and strive to meet your specific needs in every way possible.


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